The Rural Market Development Trust (RUMARK) was registered in 2003 as a local Malawian institution registered under the Trustees Act of Malawi.


RUMARK’s mandate is to improve smallholder farmers’ yields and incomes by facilitating the availability and affordability of agro inputs through the development of rural agrodealers. RUMARK aims to achieve this by mainly focusing on the following objectives;

a) To help smallholder farmers increase their income by improving their access to markets for inputs and for farm produce.
b) To support the development of commercially sustainable rural businesses that supply improved inputs or output markets to farmers.
c) To strengthen the business skills of small – scale farmers and other rural business.
d) To assist in the expansion of commercial enterprises and systems to provide small-scale farmers with information equipment, credit and other services they need to increase production and incomes.
e) To facilitate an enabling policy environment and develop modalities for Public Private Partnership


“To create an enabling environment in which agrodealers provide quality agro products which are affordable to smallholder farmers in a sustainable manner”


“To build close working relationships with input suppliers, financial institutions, private sector associations, and rural enterprises.”


Values are beliefs that guide an organization as it discharges its mission in pursuit of its vision. The Trust values encompasses;
    • Team Work
    • Integrity
    • Commitment
    • Mutual Respect